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What is Solar Power and why the need for it?

Posted on:December 6th

Here is where Solar Power comes in, almost as a savior. Power generated through solar systems is renewable, sustainable and environment friendly. Solar energy is often called “alternative energy” to fossil fuel energy sources such as coal. Solar is not just a ‘green product’ but a ‘green way of living’. Solar power systems are simple and easy to maintain as against the popular belief that they are complicated. Let me briefly and in simple terms explain how solar systems work.


A solar power system uses photovoltaic (PV) technology to harness the sun’s rays, converting sunlight photon energy into electrical current. Solar panels produce energy from daylight, they still produce electricity on cloudy or overcast days. Solar power can be used directly in your home to power lights and appliances – or exported to the electricity grid. At night when your panels can’t produce electricity, you draw your electricity from the battery bank. A solar power system contains of many major elements: 1) Solar Panels, (SPV modules) :- which are usually mounted on a rooftop or terrace. 2) Charge Controller :- This electronic device that regulates the charging of batteries. 3) Batteries :- The solar power thus generated during daytime needs to be stored for use during non–sunny hours. This is done by batteries and 4)  Inverter:- To convert DC generated by the SPV modules to AC to power the appliances that run on AC power. The most popular SPV systems are made of mono or polycrystalline silicon cells or using thin film. The system is easy to maintain and works for upto 20-25 yrs. The initial installation cost is recovered within 5-8 yrs, after that power is free for the remaining years.


solar power

Posted on:December 5th

What is Solar Power and why the need for it?

Due to global warming, our planet is facing climatic alterations. The summers are getting hotter and longer. As the temperatures soar, so does the power consumption. Add to this the population escalation and what we have on our hands is a looming power crisis. In many cities, towns and villages, load shedding is an everyday ritual and some rural areas, even to this day, are in complete darkness.  As hard as the government tries, it has become difficult to bridge the gap between supply and demand of power. Hence, it has become imperative to turn to alternate means of power that is sustainable.