Re Lamping

Re Lamping

Re-lamping is the term used to describe the process of replacing lamps and tubes in your business premises with new lamps and tubes. Re-lamping is undertaken to reduce lighting energy costs, maintenance costs and associated carbon footprint.

While Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) have existed for decades in household appliances, computers and clocks, they’ve only in recent past gained acceptance as energy-efficient replacements to both incandescent and CFL lamps.

LEDs are miniature lights produced by moving electrons in a semiconductor. There is no burning gas or filaments so LEDs are more lasting and generate little to no heat. Their modest dimensions also make LEDs especially defiant to elements and can even be waterproofed for more outrageous circumstances.

Just like compact fluorescent lights, LEDs are also amazingly energy efficient and use only a fraction of the energy needed to light a single incandescent lamp. In fact, LEDs use 1/50 of the energy of an usual bulb and last 10 times longer than their CFL replacements. A typical LED lamp can last up to 15 years without needing to be replaced! They also have the added benefit of reducing your AC costs because they do not emit much heat.

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